About Us

Since times immemorial, contribution of Indian chefs to the world of gourmet is impeccable. The recipes that have been crafted in Indian kitchens, even for today offer a wholesome, delicious and an unforgettable experience to the taste buds across the globe. Our ancestors knew exactly that the secret to a good gourmet lies in the Indian spices. We, Indians take pride in adding flavour and piquancy using spices to the otherwise dull staple food called rice.

In early 1600s, one such attempt in the royal kitchens of the Mughal Empire in the city of Hyderabad, is said to have given birth to this exotic dish. Since its inception, it has metamorphosed into different varieties and the cosmopolitanism has also created these native versions of the Biriyanis to suit the tastes of various regional masses. But even to this day, the Hyderabadi variety, also called as Hyderabadi Biriyani, has remained as India’s most famous Biriyani. So much so that the city of Hyderabad is synonymous with the word Biriyani.

We, at Hyderabad Biriyani House, bring you the most authentic form of this signature dish to Namma Bengaluru. We handpick the finest quality of rice from the rice warehouses of Godavari delta. The vegetables are sourced from farms in and around Namma Bengaluru and the meat that goes into the biriyani is marinated with 35 types of spices for 3 long hours. All this, to give you the best and authentic eating experience. Enjoy the lip-smacking biriyanis prepared with an exotic aroma by our Master Chefs who come with over 25 years of culinary expertise!

Our only promise is Authentic Vintage Hyderabad Biriyani and a fine dining experience for you and your loved ones.